Department of Students Welfare – Smart City Clothes Collection Drive

Faridabad, Thursday, October 29, 2015: Taking forward the MCF’s (Municipal Corporation of Faridabad) initiative of building Smart City Faridabad, Manav Rachna NSS Team along with Team Umang organised a Smart City Clothes Donation Drive. This initiative by Manav Rachna saw a huge participation from the Students and Faculty members of this prestigious institution. The students and the faculty of Manav Rachna were also able to get clothes donated by their friends, neighbours and relatives from across Delhi and NCR.


On October 26, 2015, three students from Manav Rachna, Nishkarsh Vashistha, Lokesh Goswami and Vikash Gupta, along with RJ Swati from Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 FM reached the slum area under Badkal Flyover to distribute the donated clothes.

IMG_8141 IMG_8154 IMG_8170

Members of the NSS team distributed clothes to Men, Women, Children and elderly for about 45 minutes and were overwhelmed with the love which was given by the people in return,” said an MCF official on the Smart City Clothes Donation Drive.

This drive and the visit to the slum has further encouraged the students of Manav Rachna to conduct Smart City Collection Drive, wherein the students plan to collect and donate a variety of items – from clothes to gadgets and spectacles to in an effort to help the citizens of Faridabad gear up for the Smart City Challenge.

About MCF:

The Municipal Corporation of Faridabad (MCF), is a front-runner organization dealing with providing the civic amenities and delivering citizen services in Faridabad District of Haryana, India. MCF is a citizen centric organisation which lays total emphasis to citizen convenience and delivery of citizen services with transparency as its utmost goal.

The MCF is the leading organisation that is staking Faridabad’s claim to become a Smart City under the Smart City Mission by the Government of India. The MCF, in collaboration with the citizens of Faridabad, have started many innovative schemes and initiatives to understand the problems that the city is facing and are working hard to find solutions for the identified problems.


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